Monday, 15 November 2010

St Brides, Flickr and Blogger

St Brides - interior, originally uploaded by jamvlog.

So I've worked my way through a few of the key shots of St Brides, cleaned them up, and got them looking fairly presentable.

One thing that strikes me about St Brides is the stark contrast between The Vision and reality. It's a common theme in modernist buildings, that, although built for function, they often failed in their main purpose. I met a parishioner who had no end of stories to tell about the "failings" of the building. For example, apparently the sewage system is so poorly designed that it backs-up after heavy rain.

So this leave me in a quandary, I have to confront these issues in a manner which is still sympathetic to the ideologies of modernism. The use of 3D may provide an interesting solution. If I encapsulate St Brides in the virtual, then it becomes like a fiction, one where I can re-direct the narrative. I can use this the fiction to confront modernism with its harshest reality, that, buildings aside, its ideologies never came to fruition.

I will update as my thought process flows.

On a side note, I think I'm going to have to do something fairly drastic with my Blog. I'm caught in a never ending battle in my attempts to imbed linked images from Flickr into my posts. Also the complete lack of flexibility in altering layouts (this post has been achieved by using Flickr instead of Blogger to update) is driving me to despair. Hence "Flickr" and "Blogger" in the title.

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