Friday, 26 November 2010

I am not an architect.

So, I've spent the best part of today cleaning up and organising photographs I have taken of the plans of St. Bride's. As I explained in my previous post I plan to use these drawings to create a 3D model to export to Maya but it's giving me a bit of headache.

I've spent the latter half of my day trying to figure out how to translate these plans into 3D. St. Bride's is relatively complex in comparison to the modular design of the previous building I modelled (QEIIS). It's more sculptural, with details such as a spiral staircase and intricate brickwork. The main difficultly is I'm working from 2 digital scans scans, 100 (approx.) photographs and isometric illustrations of the building. Excellent, plenty of source material, but I am having issues with matching scale. Most drawings do not have measurements, so it becomes difficult when trying, for example, to figure out the height of the walls in relation to the floor plan. I will work through it over the weekend.

It would be nice to put up some images of what I've managed to model thus far, but I'm working on top of one of the plans, so have to keep on the right side of GSA's copyright.

Will update over the weekend with images of just the model.

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