Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Day 1, well Day 3.

So, after the incredible success of my previous blog, JAMVLOG, I've decided to start a clean slate, and graduate JAMVLOG with a Masters of Science, creating MSc JAMVLOG.

Alas! There is greater meaning to this name other than false academic accreditation to an online alias. I've just started MSc Media Art at DJCAD in Dundee, continuing my tenure here after completing an undergraduate and obtaining a BA (Hons) Time Based Art & Digital Film.

"James, with JAMVLOG being such a great success, why not continue using that blog?"

Well, part of my course requires a well maintained blog, beyond following orders, I've always found a blog a good point of reference and way to maintain a level of progressive thought. JAMVLOG also tended to drift into obscurities not intended, not course relevant. Aside from this first post, MSc JAMVLOG is going to be very on-topic (once I decide what that topic actually is). I'm aiming for a post every day, whether someone reads it or not, I'm contributing to the hive, which is all the average Web 2.0 user can expect.

"JAMVLOG, wait, what?"

Ehm, JAMVLOG, or jamvlog as I prefer to format it is an alias. Obv. It was borne from a 3rd Year project I made in TBA about video blogging (i.e. vlogging), which saw me delve into the world of vlogging via this YouTube account. I made a series of vlogs, once public, now private (so there's nothing to view on YouTube). There's not much more to be said, I passed 3rd Year, but wasn't happy with the outcome of the vlogging project. I did re-visit the world of blogging in my 4th Year Dissertation which was a marked improvement.

That's a bit of general background, from now posts will centre around my practice, watch this space.

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